Sunday School

We are happy to inform you that Sunday School will start again on September 6th during the 9:45 service. Children ages 3-10 are invited to sit with their parents in the sanctuary until they are dismissed by our pastor. For any questions, contact Anamaria at [email protected] .


Although we are not yet able to meet together we still want to encourage you to carry on with our theme of the month at home. Parents don’t let this pandemic press STOP on your/our children’s Sunday School experience! Let’s do things differently, together! Here are some links  to enlighten and enjoy! If you have any questions or want to share a great resource with us please get in touch with Anamaria at [email protected]

 DE Henkie Show

Group Ministry Resources

If your kids speak Dutch,  they can watch “De Henkie Show”.  Every Sunday they provide a short family focused service, very similar to the lively message Pastor Mark has been delivering for our kids (and not only kids).

If your kids speak English, here is a link to our Group - Hands-On material. Each weekly lesson includes an overview, a video of the lesson taught by one of Group’s expert children’s ministry leaders and a lesson script. This is the material we used on a Sunday morning with your children.

lifetree kids music videos

And for best kid's Christian music, free streaming music videos Lifetree Kids

For our fearless preteens

We can't ignore their questions! The questions won't go away. But the kids might, if they are not taken seriously.
BE BOLD is the curriculum we use with our pre-youth children during Sunday School!