The American Protestant Church of The Hague, The Netherlands, has begun the search process for a new Senior Pastor to start April 2023.

General Background
For over 65 years the American Protestant Church of The Hague (APCH) has been a “home away from home” for both expatriate and resident English-speaking Christians. Our 300 regularly attending congregants represent a richness of nationalities and denominational diversity.
APCH is a place where people can meet Jesus, engage in life-giving community and where everyone is welcome. We believe in creating a space where people can have authentic encounters with Christ, grow their relationship with Him, discover their gifts and use them for God's glory.  
APCH exists to be a home to the global community growing in the love for Jesus. While APCH is made up of many different traditions and denominations, our congregation is committed to Protestant convictions: our lives are guided by Scripture alone, we are saved by Faith alone, by Grace alone, through Christ alone, to the glory of God alone.

Role Description
The Senior Pastor is a shepherd who provides spiritual leadership for the congregation and the many ministries of APCH. The role entails expository preaching and teaching the Scriptures, leading the staff, driving the church’s mission and vision in further developing and growing specific ministry areas, providing pastoral care, and overseeing administrative functions.

APCH seeks an individual who has been clearly called to be a Pastor in an international, inter-generational and inter-denominational context. The candidate must be mature in the Christian faith, have demonstrable living faith, grounded in Christ and the core tenants of the Reformation and the Christian church. They will have solid ministerial preparedness, be well grounded, emotionally mature and in excellent all-around health.  

Ministerial Qualifications
•Ordination in a mainline Protestant denomination is essential, with strong biblical and evangelical convictions.
•Minimum of ten years of relevant Christian ministry experience required.
•Proven ability to work in an international, cross-cultural context is a plus.
•Native or near-native English-speaking fluency with evidence of excellent communication and writing skills.

Personal Characteristics and Qualifications
•Is a motivated and passionate person of mature Christian faith and character with evidence of holiness and wholeness in character and lifestyle. Possessing robust emotional, physical, and, if relevant, relationship health to deal with the challenges of cross-cultural moves.
•Has strong leadership gifts with a particular emphasis on leadership through relationships. The Senior Pastor should be able to lead in a variety of contexts (individual, small groups, large groups) in such a way that the gospel of Jesus remains central.
•Has a passionate vision and a demonstrated ability to plan, develop, coordinate, and manage ministry effectively.

Specific Responsibilities
The following are the main responsibilities of the Senior Pastor:

•Regular expository preaching and teaching the Word of God and administer the Sacraments to the congregation.
•Long-range planning, design, and leading of inspiring and rich worship services in collaboration with the APCH staff, most notably the Associate Pastor.
•To officiate at special services such as child dedications, baptisms (adult and child) weddings and funerals.
•To provide prayerful, Christ-centered pastoral counsel to individuals, couples, and families.
•To support, supervise, manage, and evaluate the APCH staff in a spirit of mutual respect, support, and encouragement.
•To further the church’s missional purpose and it’s community outreach to bless and grow those both inside and outside the church.
•To provide visionary leadership, together with our church council and Associate Pastor equipping the congregation to be a home to the global community, growing in the love of Jesus.

Application Process
Qualified candidates are encouraged to carefully review the Senior Pastor description for genuine ‘giftedness fit’ and prayerfully consider a potential call to serve at APCH.

Applicants are kindly requested to submit the following three items:  
1. Cover Letter
2. Detailed personal CV
3. Written response, not to exceed 500-words, to the following:  
“Describe your spiritual gifts and how these have been specifically used in various areas of ministry to further the mission of the local church”

Please send a single PDF file containing these items before 1 October 2022 to: [email protected]

Finally, while the church desires to hire a Senior Pastor called by God, we recognize the importance of providing a reasonable salary and benefits package consistent with other international churches in Europe of similar size.