Welcome to the The American Protestant Church of  The Hague.  We are an English-speaking church that brings together an international community of Christians from over 40 nations and almost as many denominations. Whether English is your mother tongue or not, you will be welcomed in our English speaking community. The congregation is Reformed in its historic roots, theologically diverse in its current membership, and committed to the core doctrines of the Christian faith.

  You are welcome to join us in any of our worship services and connect with us. If you are looking for a new spiritual home, APCH is the place to be.  

"In the essentials unity, in the non essentials freedom and in all things charity." "

Come, worship and grow in Christ with us! 

Service Time

Sunday Morning Online Service  at 9:45

All church worship services and gatherings moved online  through Sunday,  January 24, 2021.  
No group gatherings will be held at APCH until at least that date.    


Greetings, APCH community!  

Tonight, the Council once again found it necessary to discuss how APCH will respond to the new COVID guidelines announced by Prime Minister Rutte this week.  In the end, the Council unanimously made the tough decision to move all church worship services and gatherings online at least through Sunday, 24 January, 2021.  No group gatherings will be held at APCH until at least that date.    

The reasons for the decisions will be obvious to most.  The coronavirus is spreading rapidly; too many people are in the hospitals and dying, stressing the healthcare system and caregivers.  So the Dutch government made tough decisions to try to slow the spread.  Schools are closed, many shops are closed, public attractions are closed, workers are asked to work from home if at all possible.  Given all these tough measures, we want to do our best to serve and help this community as best we can--it is the calling of Christ to us.

So, sadly, all worship for the holidays this year will be "pre-recorded" (just when we said we would move to all live-streaming; as someone said in the Council meeting, "God has a sense of humor and said to us, 'Don't think you are in control.'" :-)  And we will NOT be able to have the live-streamed CarolFest next Sunday evening (too many people would need to be at church in order to create this).  Even the Christmas Eve service will be "pre-recorded" only.  

But praise God for the gifts we have to be able to worship in our homes in the ways we can.  Praise God that we will still be able to send out a "Video Christmas Card" from all of you who will send in a video this week to greet each other.  Praise God for a wonderful Sunday School Video for the children to be sent out Christmas Eve morning.  Praise God that there are signs of hope for 2021 as news grows about successful vaccines.  And praise God that we can continue to care for one another in beautiful ways with phone calls, notes, and more during the days ahead.    

We plan to have a Council meeting on 19 January.  By then we should know more from another Dutch announcement set for 12 January.  Perhaps a couple weeks after that we will be able to open up again, even in small numbers.  In the meantime, we all pray that the spread of the virus will be slowed and that things will begin to open up again as soon as possible (Pray for restaurant and shop owners and so many others who will bear the brunt of this shutdown once again.  Help them in small or large ways as you are able!).  

Take heart--God is with us!  Jesus, whom we anticipate with Advent hope, is here all along, leading by his Spirit through even this challenging time.  May you see that in your own life, even as so many of us see that in the life of APCH.  

God continue to bless, keep and lead you--and us all!
Pastor Mark
December 15, 2020
Dear APCH family,
It’s hard to imagine that we’ve turned yet another page in the calendar of lift as we find ourselves now in the month of June. A week ago Sunday marked the celebration of Pentecost – the birthday of the church. There are some very interesting aspects to Luke’s account in light of our current situation. In verse 1 of Acts 2 we find something that we are longing for  – “When the day of Pentecost arrived, they were all together in one place.”
There is something special when we are all together in one place. That’s the vision of the church - God’s people gathered together around His goodness, grace, mercy and love. It’s what we’re praying for and what we’re reaching for in this time of Covid-19. While we’re waiting for the chance to be together physically, we’re still seeking to maintain our sense of community. God’s people are still gathering around His gifts, it’s just that this gathering is happening in different ways. Think about how this experience would have been if we didn’t have the technology and communication ability to meet online and carry on some level of work from a distance. Even in the midst of a pandemic, we can be thankful that God has provided for us in this unique way.
There’s something else about the Pentecost story that is striking at this moment in time – God provided the way for people to hear the Gospel message in a way they were able to receive it. God continues to provide ways for us to stay connected, to speak and to live the Gospel in the languages of the people around us. His charge to us as His disciples today is the same: Bring the message of my love and forgiveness to people in a way they can hear it and receive it - even in the middle of this virus.
Our calling is to be available. Just like the disciples, I doubt they were preparing and planning to speak in the native languages of those present before that Pentecost Sunday morning. They were open receptors for the Spirit to use, in a way that would be welcomed and received. As Jesus’ disciples today, may we follow the Spirit’s lead and let Him use us as His means of communicating the deep love God has for people.
Being together was a prominent part of the early church’s experience. Even though we’re in a situation that places limits on how we can be together, we still have the chance to influence those around us; to communicate God’s forgiveness and love. Like so many other people around the world – people today (you and me) have the chance to speak and to reflect this Gospel message of our Lord and Savior… and we can do it in their own language in a way they can receive it. God bless us as we seek to do so, even during these unprecedented times.
Wishing you and yours blessings and joy in the days and week ahead.
Tim Messick, Chair
APCH Church Council

Since October 1, 2019, there is paid parking next to the church building in the parking area of the Willem Royaardsplein, from Monday – Saturday, from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, for a maximum of 2 hours. Sundays will not be affected. The street parking remains as free parking. For more information go to www.denhaag.nl/parkeren.

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