A Home for the Global Community, Growing in the Love of Jesus 

Welcome to The American Protestant Church of The Hague - A Home for the Global Community, Growing in the Love of Jesus.
  We are an English-speaking church that brings together an international community of Christians from over 40 nations and almost as many denominations. Whether English is your mother tongue or not, you will be welcomed in our English-speaking community. The congregation is Reformed in its historic roots, theologically diverse in its current membership, and committed to the core doctrines of the Christian faith.

  You are welcome to join us in our worship service and connect with us. If you are looking for a new spiritual home, APCH is the place to be.  

"In the essentials unity, in the non essentials freedom and in all things charity."

Come, worship and grow in Christ with us! 

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The importance and value of “worship, grow and serve” is not new to APCH. As part of our mission to be “A home to the global community, growing in the love of Jesus,” the idea of “Sunday +2” breathes new life into this core guiding principle.
“What is “Sunday +2”? It is the idea that as a family in Christ, we don’t just come in-and-out on Sundays. Rather, we live as a family growing together. So, we want to encourage everyone to think concretely: How do I, how do you, not only join in gathered worship on Sunday but also participate in two other aspects of life together: “Sunday +2.” Think, for example, of one way to serve others, like teaching children in Sunday School, serving coffee, helping plan Missional Living with Victor and the team, and more. And then, perhaps a second active participation where you yourself are nurtured and growing spiritually, in a Life Group or Bible Study, for example. Basically, how is your life actively a part of this family of God at APCH? Reflect on that: “Sunday +2,” and ask God to show you your life among us all.”

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